Autumn in Sun Valley, Idaho

I work for a vacation rental company which has been absolutely amazing and has given me many chances to grow in my photography. I’ve learned what I really need to work on, such as indoor photography, so when I get the chance to go back to what I adore, nature photography, I am in complete and utter bliss.

The Assistant GM of my company and I were sent to Sun Valley, Idaho for a conference for the software we use, LiveRez, this week. We had the pleasure of hearing Picabo Street speak, which I still can’t believe. She’s absolutely amazing, by the way. Our conference lasted for five days. Torturous, I know. I say that quite sarcastically as I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

I honestly didn’t know what to expect from Idaho. Nothing really came to mind when I thought of it, maybe snow, but that’s about it.

The moment our tiny little plane landed at the Sun Valley airport, I was quickly astounded. A mix of golden, green, and brown swirled together down below and wooed my little heart. While Oregon is beautiful, no doubt about it, and California has it’s charm, Idaho has completely blown me away. As we pulled up to the lodge, a gorgeous pond, complete with swans (I’m not even joking you, SWANS), greeted us with open arms.

I have fallen in love with this little slice of resplendent heaven on Earth, and I hope I’ve captured a little bit of that to show you.

Sun Valley Lodge Idaho PondFront of LodgeSun Valley Lodge Idaho SpaSun Valley Idaho Lodge Queen Suite DeskSun Valley Lodge Idaho Path Bikes FallSun Valley Lodge Idaho Grounds FallSun Valley Resort Idaho Inn PondSun Valley Resort Idaho Pond FallSun Valley Resort Idaho Inn EntranceSun Valley Resort Inn Path to Shops IdahoAutumn Sun Valley Resort IdahoAutumn Sun Valley Resort Birch Tree IdahoSun Valley Resort Apartments IdahoLiveRez2015-0108Sun Valley Resort Idaho GroundsSun Valley Lodge Resort Idaho Tree FallSun Valley Resort Lampost IdahoSun Valley Resort Tree Autumn IdahoIce Skating Rink Sun Valley Lodge

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