I do not travel as much as I wish I could, so when my good friend, Kristin, told me about a music teacher conference that she wanted to attend in the spring of 2013 that took place in Anaheim, CA, my heart leaped for joy. We began planning our trip last year and March 2013 finally came.

Kristin and I set out from dark, bleary, rainy Portland, OR on March 6th at 5 am and about four hours later landed in bright, clear, sunshiny Orange County, CA. I was sure the second the sun touched my skin I would either burn and have to run into the shadows, or I would sparkle. Living in the Northwest in the winter almost convinces one that he or she is a vampire. Thankfully, the only thing that happened was that I was filled with pure unadulterated joy. Apparently the sun actually exists between the months of November and April. I know, it was news to me as well.

We were blessed enough to be able to stay at the Disneyland Hotel where her convention was being held. That place is pretty much heaven. We had an absolutely splendiforous time and I couldn’t have asked for more of anything. It was perfect. Here are some moments captured while in the Sunshine State.

Thanks to Kristin’s brother, who carted us around the last day, we were able to visit Huntington Beach. I saw an actual California beach for the first time since I was two years old. I feel like my life is fulfilled now. The last few pictures are from Huntington Beach, CA. I can’t even describe how exciting visiting a beach that has palm trees was for me. Needless to say, it was amazing.


Yes, that is Bilbo fighting Smaug MADE OUT OF LEGOS! Beautiful travel friend Kristin Lobby of Frontier Tower Actual California beach! I felt like I was in numerous movies and tv shows. :D Aren't they just Magical?