Lincoln City

The past few weeks have been absolutely blissful after quite a dreadful rain soaked winter. The flowers are blooming, the sun has breathed life into the trees, and the beach is the perfect place to venture with my pup. She is the star of this post. This is Mina loving life at the beach.

These photos were taken at Pacific City, Neskowin, Gleneden Beach, and Fogarty Creek.

Isn’t life grand?


I was asked by my boyfriend Lee’s sister-in-law to take their holiday portraits. It has been a long time since I have been that excited and nervous to do anything. Portraits are something that I’ve never done before, unless you define portraiture as hanging with my dog and taking a million photos until one works out, or sneakily catching pictures of a family member or friend when they aren’t looking.

I soon discovered, as I had already suspected, that this family is literally the cutest family I’ve ever seen in my life. I majorly lucked out with them as my first official models. I mean, really, look at them. No way to argue.

I think I’ve found something that I truly adore. I still have much to learn, as was proven to me when I had to scrap about five really great photos because I was not focusing correctly using my 50 mm lens, but learning is part of the journey. The other part is being thankful for all of things that make my life better. Like my camera assistant, kid wrangler, and all around handsome guy, Lee. Also, for having people in my life that are just simply amazing and provide a chance for me to grow and learn.

These were taken on the beach in Lincoln City, OR and at D’Lake in Lincoln City, OR. All by Ocean

All on Bench at Beach

Braydin in Sand

Melody and Ang

Girls by Ocean

Bryin and Braydin


Vicki and Braydin by Ocean

BBMA by Ocean

All by Lake

AMB by Tree

Ang by Tree

All by Tree

Vicki and Ang by Tree BandW

Ang and Melody Throwing Rocks

AMB Under Trees

All Under Trees

Girls Under Tree

BAMB Under Trees

VB Under Trees

Ang Flying and Melody

LB Under Trees