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There is something so magical about that last half hour of the day as the sun is setting and the sky is giving us a good night kiss. These are the moments that I always cherish with every passing day. Sunsets get old to a lot of people, but they will never get old to me. The beauty that the Oregon coast shows off is my favorite brand and I’m so very lucky to have this in my back yard.

These were all taken under the Yaquina Bay Bridge in Newport, OR.



I’ve had very few peaceful times in my life than when I was in South Beach, Newport, Oregon. I have found this place that is completely breathtaking, and more than anything, quiet. Roaming the small hills of this area is one of my new favorite things.

South Jetty 030

South Jetty 038

South Jetty 054

South Jetty 066

South Jetty 074

South Jetty 096

South Jetty 105

South Jetty 122

South Jetty 126

South Jetty 137

South Jetty 144

South Jetty 145

South Jetty 156

South Jetty 161

South Jetty 163

South Jetty 174

South Jetty 181

South Jetty 182

South Jetty 184

South Jetty 191

South Jetty 193

South Jetty 199

South Jetty 199

South Jetty 200

South Jetty 205

South Jetty 206

South Jetty 227

South Jetty 247

South Jetty 256

South Jetty 285

South Jetty 288

South Jetty 292

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted. My love for photography has been a bit dormant for the past few months, but it seems to be bubbling up from inside of me once again. I can’t quite put my finger on the reason for the stagnation. I guess life sometimes gets in the way, even if something is truly loved. I hope you enjoy these. These were taken in Newport, OR and in Lincoln City, OR. Hope you all are doing quite wonderfully!